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Offering specialized services in synergology and nonverbal.

Groupe Syner Inc. offers specialized services in synergology and nonverbal communication. Our mission: to facilitate universal access to this little-known aspect of language by providing new communication tools.

We believe that the more communication tools we possess, the more flexible and effective we are in interpersonal relationships and at work. Our courses and conferences provide concrete notions and tools usable on the very first day. Our tests will allow you to immediately start using the acquired skills.

Trained by Philippe Turchet, the founder of synergology, our certified specialists have been practicing for over 10 years. All our trainers and speakers are members of the Association Québécoise de Synergologie and adhere to its code of ethics.

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Synergology is a form of communication based on the non–verbal aspect. It is a method of specialized interpretation, analysing unconscious bodily movements. The word « synergology » is taken from the Greek « syn », « ergon » and « logo » meaning the idea of « togetherness, being proactive in a speech ». Since Philippe Turchet wishes that synergology be taught methodically and with firmness, he has established a trade name for his method.